The Valley View Bio Club recently embarked on a project to help enhance Lackawanna State Park.  Students contacted local companies asking for tree donations. Trees had to be 6-8 feet in height and 1.5- 2-inch caliper, as well as have deer guard protection.  The Bio Club would like to thank Cougar Landscaping for donating 2 large trees (White Oak and Red Maple) and delivering them to the park. Lowes and Home Depot in Dickson City each donated a Red Maple tree.  The club purchased deer guards. Lackawanna State Park Educational Director, Angela Lambert, assisted the students with where to plant the trees at the park. The students involved in this project dug the large holes and planted the trees on Thursday, May 24th.  The students then enjoyed hiking and picnicking at Lackawanna State Park.

Pictured left to right: Menglin Jiang, Santina Burak, Kaitlyn Brown, Francis Fajardo, and Connor Judge.