The Valley View High School Leo Club hosted a “Cougars Care Spirit Week” to raise money for 5 different local charities.  Together, we raised approximately $1700.00 to benefit The Women’s Resource Center, The Jessup Bread Basket, The Children’s Advocacy Center, Jenny’s Closet, and the Gino Merli Veteran’s Center.
Pictured  Left to Right:  Giavanna Villano, Leo Club Secretary; Ms. Tina Jezuit, Director and Founder of Jenny’s Closet; Mrs. Judy Copeland, Women’s Resource Center; Mr. Christopher Mendicino, Principal; Julie Maddage, Leo Club Treasurer; Sasha Vorozilchak, Leo Club Junior Representative; Lauren Crinella, Leo Club President; Mr. James Miller, Gino Merli Veteran’s Center, Ms. Kathleen Ambrose, Gino Merli Veteran’s Center, Olivia Pisarski, Leo Club Vice President; Mrs. Melissa Snyder, Leo Club Co-Advisor; and Ms. Jaime Zaverl, Leo Club Co-Advisor.  Absent from the picture Jessup Bread Basket