Valley View High School News
The Valley View High School Life Skills Support classroom made 11 fleece-tie blankets to donate to St. Francis of Assisi Kitchen. The money was raised through the student school-run Cougar Coffee Cart. Students raised money throughout the month of December to go towards the fleece fabric and tools needed to make them. The fleece fabric was purchased at JoAnn’s Fabric. The fabric was measured out to be the size of a twin blanket. The students measured out the fleece, assisted in cutting it, and tied the two pieces together.
Back from left to right: Tami Dougherty, Wendy Rought, Emily Yarosheski, Samantha Howey, Colby Stravinsky, De’Shaun Ashton, Felicity Koshinski, Benjamin Norton, Justin Sarfine
Front from left to right: Joachim Lena, Nate Miller, Angela Risteski, Lanayjea Hawley, Madison Cloud, Samantha Evans, Missy Cabotts, Brianna Propes, Alex Slachta