The Valley View Middle School Guidance Office along with the Blakely/Peckville Woman’s club coordinated the 24th annual Career Shadowing program.  The entire 8th grade class had the opportunity to experience a variety of vocations in order to assist with future Career Choices.  The students pictured participated in careers such as Teaching, engineering, Physical Therapy, automotive repair and much more.
Pictured left to right: Row 1, Lydian Vanwert, Isabella Seymour, and Abbie Zaleeski
Row 2: Aaron Fontanella, Madi Markiewicz, Cory Bushta, Zakary Sova, Jealousy Gorko,
Row 3:  Amy Borick, Valley View Middle School Guidance;  Susan Rodway,Valley View Middle School Guidance; James McKane, Valley View Middle School Assistant Principal;  Paula Leri, Blakely/Peckville Women’s club, and Craig Sweeney, Valley View Middle School Principal