The kindergarten students of Good Shepherd Academy celebrated the 100th day
of school by making 100-day crowns and a 100-piece healthy snack mix,
counting and writing numbers to 100, completing 100-piece puzzles, and
writing stories about what they would look like in 100 years.

Row 1:  Gianna Albright, Ava DeMark, Sarah Mera, Grace Ferretti, Cole
Zagota, Colton Smith, Mary Jane Michaels, Daniela Escobar, Christian Santos
Row 2:  Hannah Pius, Caleb Marcy, Bryce Zoranski, Edie Perzia, Liam Tamkus,
Blake Fisher, Alex Kistanov, Emelia O’Shea, Madelyn Miller, Makayla Covin
Row 3:  Joey Vitali, Chase Liska, Kendra Glasson, Amara Makarczyk, Furia
Donnelly, Jacob Holocheck, Spencer Frusciante, Joseph Guastella, Ariana
Hughes, Nina Valenti, Taj Johnson

Principal at GSA is Mr. James A. Jones and Vice Principal is Mr. Stan