The Challenge Program, Inc. Kicks Off at Riverside Jr./Sr. High School

 Pictured here are The Challenge Program, Inc. award winners, who were recognized for their work during the previous academic year (2014/15).

Pictured, back, left to right: Aaron Oustrich, junior,STEM; Billy Nash, sophomore, community service; Steve Williams, junior, attendance; Vanessa Grzyboski, junior, community service; Michael Jiang, sophomore, attendance

Front, left to right: Anna Klingler, junior, academic excellence; Angelina Angerson, sophomore, academic improvement; Lacie Zooner, junior, academic improvement; Kate DeFrancesco, sophomore, academic excellence; Kyra Pfeiffer, sophomore,  STEM

Taylor, Pa. — Students at Riverside Jr./Sr. High School were recently introduced to The Challenge Program, Inc. during a kick-off assembly at their school. The assembly theme was a team project dramatization that demonstrated positive and negative workplace behaviors to help students succeed on-the-job.


During the assembly, students in the sophomore, junior, and senior classes were introduced to local career opportunities. Throughout the year, they will be eligible to compete for financial awards in five areas linked with academic and workplace success: Attendance, Academic Improvement, Academic Excellence, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and Community Service. Robert Y. Moffat Family Charitable Trust is the business partner at the school for 2015/2016.



The Challenge Program, Inc.’s mission is to build sustainable Business/Education partnerships while introducing students to careers in their communities. This partnership contributes to workforce and economic development by motivating students to develop the solid work habits required to succeed in school and in their future careers.