The 10th Annual Riverside Alive! 2015 will take place on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 from 6:00 to 8:00PM at Riverside Junior Senior High School The big news is that we have been celebrating this event annually for a whole decade!! 


Riverside Alive! 2015, sponsored by the Riverside High school faculty and staff, is an event that provides a vehicle for the community to witness what takes place in classrooms at Riverside Jr. – Sr. High School on a daily basis

Riverside Alive showcases the educational activities experienced by the students in the classrooms of our school. Visitors see techniques we use to educate the students of Riverside along with the fruits of their labor.  Every discipline taught here is represented during this event in a unique way.

Consumer sciences, health and physical education, literary arts, life skills, music, science, foreign language, language arts, social studies and technical and visual arts will be represented at Riverside Alive! 2015.

We welcome students, their parents and the general public to see our school and its classrooms. Riverside Alive! 2015 has something of interest for everyone attending.  You will experience first-hand the subject matter taught at Riverside illustrated by live demonstrations and displays.


Below is a partial listing of events. Events subject to change

Life Skills Music Class performance

Select Choir Performance

Zumba Demo

German Trivia; Movie Trailers and essays

Improv performance

Chili Cook Off

Iron Chef and Food Tasting

Ekphrastic poetry bulletin boards

Creative Writing Portfolio Display

Senior English Canterbury Tales



Social Studies Trivia Game,

Jazz Band Performance,

Spanish Club Food Tasting,

Iron Chef Competition,

Choral Performance,

Spanish Bingo,

CO2 Car Races,

Social Studies Trivia Game,

Improv Performance

FCS Food Tasting,

Salsa Lesson,

Science Exhibits

German Trivia and Movie Trailers

Ekphrastic Poetry Display

Creative Writing Portfolio Display

7th Grade Folklore Books & Reading Projects

7th Grade Poetry

Chili Cook Off

Wood and Metal Shop Projects

Life Skills “Highlights of the Year”

Raku Firing

Freshmen Haiku Tree

Computer Fair Project Display


Human Graphing on a Coordinate Plane

Hand-building/Wheel Turning of Clay.
Batik & Printmaking , Silent ArtAuction