On Thursday, March 15th, Susquehanna Community High School held its annual National Honor Society Banquet and Ceremony. A total of twenty-five students in grades 10-12 participated in this formal event. Students must have earned a cumulative grade point average of 91.5% in order to be inducted into our National Honor Society. The banquet was catered by the Nutrition Group. Over 125 people were in attendance for this honorable occasion. Seniors lit candles for the different pillars of the National Honor Society (Knowledge, Scholarship, Character, Service, Leadership, and Citizenship) and wrote speeches about each of them. Additionally, seniors created their own projects of how they have contributed to each of those pillars throughout their high school career at Susquehanna Community. Mrs. Judy Herschel was our guest speaker for the evening. She spoke to the students and the audience about the importance of public education. She also highlighted the positive outcomes that stem from a small school and community of people who value a strong public education. Congratulations to the twenty-five students who were honored at Susquehanna Community High School!





Bottom row (L-R)

Lia Heath, Meaghan Towner, Bethany Maby, Emily Fremberg, Airyll Rockwell, Devon Dubanowitz, Carson Beamer, Kaylee Landry, Chloe Tinklepaugh, Rhiannon Potter, Angel Bieloski


Middle row (L-R)

Cierra Cotter, Geena Miller, Mackenzie Steele, Samantha Voege, Mackenzie Heath, Kailye Towner, Taylor Huyck, Rachel Day, Jaycie Conklin


Back row (L-R)

Skyla Wilson, Kaylin Trynoski, Tristan Megivern, Bridget Iveson, Emily Frye