Students in Riverside Junior Senior High School’s 7th grade science class, accompanied by science teacher, Ms. Nadine Solomon, recently attended this year’s Stem Academy at NEIU-19.
The STEM Academy presented student teams with a variety of challenges that explored all science disciplines (nature of science, biology, chemistry and physical science, and earth science) as they related to STEM education. Teams  consisted of four students in Grades 6-8 and one teacher. Each day featured a local or national STEM professional who discussed their career path in their STEM field. The remainder of the day focused on activities and challenges that required student teams to collaborate to complete tasks based on science content standards and skills.

stem box

The picture attached is a bridge students had to construct to support 4 lbs of weight and span a 12″ river with 3″clearance for boats.¬† The bridge was a success!

Picture with bridge L to R: Brandon London, Maria Castaldi, Madison Mickavicz, Adriana Grillo

Picture with Box, the team designed packaging to protect a single Pringle’s chip, which was mailed to Riverside and back to Archbald.¬† The chip remained 100% intact despite minimal packaging materials.

Pictured L to R: Brandon London, Adriana Grillo, Maria Castaldi.