Neil Dadurka’s Technical Education (Shop) Students at Old Forge High School completed a project for SNOW FORGE which was held December 3rd…
Here is a brief Summary of the project: 
 Students were given the task of building a full size modular gingerbread house for Snow Forge.  The challenge in this project was to come up with a design that would make it easy to assemble and disassemble each year.  The project started last fall and students completed the final assembly this fall.  Many concepts in construction technology were learned and utilized in the building of the gingerbread house.  In the end, the whole house is held together with 20 bolts.  Students also were responsible for making two sets of corn hole games and a penguin ball toss standup.  All three of these things were placed in the kid zone for Snow Forge.  This is the fourth year of making things for the event and there are plans to make more for next years event as well.

Left to right  Mr. Neil Dadurka, Tommy Souriyavong, Ian Mascioli, Kole Barbetti, Anthony Komensky, Zach Uhrin, Colin Bowers.

Not shown but who were part of the building process and have graduated: Trevor Brown, Francesca Samony, Maya Florovito, Alex Eremo, Taylor Tansley, Jennie Thomas, Alyssa Salerno, Megan Tucker, Lexi Scotti, and Christa Eisele. and Lexus Sounyaung