Sophie Till, clinical assistant professor of violin/viola at Marywood University, was recently the keynote speaker at the 2015 Australian String Teachers’ Conference in Brisbane, Australia. Ms. Till gave a seven-lecture series in addition to her keynote address, and she also taught two master classes during the three-day conference.


Ms. Till’s keynote address focused on The Taubman/Golandsky Approach for strings as a groundbreaking analysis of the mostly invisible motions that function underneath a virtuoso technique.


“For the past several years, Ms. Golandsky and I have been developing this approach and its pedagogy for the violin. I now work with professionals and students from all over the world and have adapted it for my work with children,” said Ms. Till


The Taubman Approach is the science of coordinated and aligned movement at the piano that, once achieved, allows for the overcoming of technical limitations and injuries and provides the tools for artistic expression.


While in Australia, Ms. Till also taught a workshop in Sydney for teachers and orchestral players and gave a recital at the Brisbane’s Old Museum concert venue