Students who are enrolled in the Shenandoah Valley Physics class of Mr. Russ Schumack, who also is Shenandoah’s Fire Chief, conducted a project at the Shenandoah helicopter landing pad where trees on the perimeter of the area were cut and hauled away. The group also did an overall clean up of the entire property.

Shown in photo Front Row (L-R): Janelle Taylor, Sara Hixson, Alaina Demalis, Julia Najera, Jen Anderson, Alexis Luna, Erick Cespedes, Taylor Yablonsky, Natalye Calderon, Dayanara Ramos, & Emily Taylor. Middle Row: Marcella Creasy, Mary Bennett, Marisa Szczyglak, Blake Florio, & Chris Swantek. Back Row: Ian McCole, Kyle Guers, & Derek Dombrowski.