Shenandoah Valley High School held its annual Spring Queen gala and shown in the photo is the Spring Queen & Princess surrounded by the candidates and their escorts.

Lower level L-R: Brianna Ryan, Molly Michalik, Danielle Najunas, Mary Ann Morrisey, Katey Petrushonis, Marissa Moncrief, Olivia Gallo, Arianna Mentusky, & Amanda Lindenmuth.

Upper Level: JT Thomas, Feddie Morales, Joel Santana, Austin Uholik, Tajmere Ockimey, Spring Princess Skye Parker, Spring Queen Carly Teaschenko, Noah Allegretta, Jermaine McNeil, Matt Creasy, Jacob Gallo & Rocco Roguskie.

Spring Queen is coordinated by the SV Class of 2017 and their advisor Sharlaine Shustack