Shenandoah Valley Student Council


Providing the leadership for this year’s edition of the Shenandoah Valley HS Student Council are the following    (L-R): Marissa Szczyglak DSI & Shenandoah Borough Council Representative, Nick Rusin Secretary, Kristina Nieddu President, Mr. Anthony Pytko Faculty Advisor, Nick Gurski Vice President, Clarence Grutza Treasurer, and Abigail Snitzer DSI Representative.





Shown in the photo are the students and their advisor who comprise the 2014-2015 Shenandoah Valley HS Student Council.

Front row (L-R): Kristina Nieddu, Emily Taylor, Mariah Sands, Abigail Snitzer, Faculty Advisor Mr. Anthony Pytko, Marcella Creasy, Marissa Szczyglak, Meghan Artley, Alaina Demalis. Back Row: Eric Rooney, Ian McCole, Riley Miller, Kyle Guers, Nick Gurski, Nick Rusin, Clarence Grutza, & Nick Twardzik