Star-Gazing at the University of Scranton


The Scranton School District’s Technology Club visited the University of Scranton on Thursday night, September 19th.  The good weather provided a great night to view both Saturn, low on the horizon, and a Harvest Full Moon from the top of the University’s Loyola Science Center.  Students from West Scranton and Scranton High Schools attended the star gazing night hosted by the University’s Astronomy Club.


West Scranton students who attended were (pictured from L to R):


Mustafa Abdalov, Ken Barrett, John Ferrara, Hannah Makowski, Jade Watson, Jerry Coyne, Isiah Watson, and Isaac Charleson.



Attendees from both high schools were (in alphabetical order):


West Scranton High School: Mustafa Abdalov, Ken Barrett, Isaac Charleson, Jerry Coyne, John Ferrara, Hannah Makowski, Isiah Watson, and Jade Watson


Scranton High School: Jillian Kelly, Monica O’Malley, Luis Perez, John Ruby, Dan Smith, and Sammy Soares