The Scranton School District is pleased to announce it has received a $6 million dollar Ready to Learn Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The grant will
support the Scranton School District Strategic Plan. The strategic plan was inspired by and prepared for the students of the Scranton City School District and aligns with the District’s State Comprehensive Plan. The plan supports student programmatic needs at every instructional level with the aim of improving academic achievement and providing for additional time and opportunities for learning. “We are extremely grateful for the work of Senator Blake and Representative Flynn in representing the needs of the Scranton School District and appreciate the commitment and continual support of Governor Wolf and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The funding will be used to support the strategic plan’s instructional strategies to improve student achievement. We will focus on early literacy intervention, math and ELA interventions; and provide support for high school students in Keystone Exam preparation. In addition, we will enhance teacher professional learning targeting literacy and STEAM education. I look forward to working with our administrators, teachers and Board of Education to provide the best possible learning opportunities for Scranton’s 10,000 students.”