The Lackawanna/Susquehanna County Office of Drug and Alcohol Programs in conjunction with the Voluntary Action Center recently held a SADD Youth Conference at the Masonic Temple. They invited twenty students from each school from  grades 9th through 12th to attend the event. This year’s theme was Building Resiliency. Old Forge School District attended the event with twenty freshmen from Ms. Marsico’s Speech and Research class. All the students participated in the activities and appreciated the opportunity to learn more about being resilient and making the right choices.

Back row : Ms. Marsico, Dante Lucarelli, Dan Roman, Mike Digregorio, Nick Dodge, Sean Donavan, Jackson Uhrin,  Mckenzie Gual, Ange Rios, Taylor Gingerlowski, Gabby Mannina, John Valdes,
Front row: Chet Lenceski, Cam McCullon, Olivia Ciullo, Asya Nunes, Makayla Parker, Tianna Olivieri, Monica Xavier, Caleb Gething
Center: Hilary Steinberg, presenter from Jaya Yoga Studio