SADD Club Encourages Drivers to “Rock the Belt”


The West Scranton High School chapter of the SADD Club took to the parking lots and sidewalks around the school to “chalk” the message of October: “Rock the Belt.”  This was an effort to catch the attention of all drivers with a reminder to wear their seatbelts.


“Rock the Belt” is a SADD national core program that uses peer-to-peer based prevention strategies to engage schools, parents, and communities about the importance of wearing seat belts in every vehicle, in every seat, every time. The program was held from October 15-21 in conjunction with National Teen Driver Safety Week.


Some students who participated in the effort were:

(L to R): Milagros Cervantes, Heather Anderson, Jayla Rodriguez, Kylee Camacho, Kayla Chofey, and Alura Henderson

(L to R): Adam Mehall, Michael Laabs, Jack Gariepy, and Alex Sophabmixay