Riverside Junior Senior High School’s Life Skills class, under the guidance of Special Education teacher, Mrs. Kim Weidow, recently celebrated their 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Feast.  The class compiled the grocery list for the entire Thanksgiving dinner, shopped for the supplies, prepped the meal, and cooked the turkey for the dinner.

life skills grocery

Pictured at Price Chopper: Dustin Deininger, Jordan Gallagher, Matthew Thubborn, Joette Conaboy, Britteny Morse, Michael J Emel, Michael A Emel, Allison Jenkins, Alex Okoroji, Kyle Nulter, and Judy Matticks.


life skills dinner

Pictured around the table from the head: Principal Mr. Moceyunas, Vice Principal Mr. Walsh, Michael A Emel, Michael J Emel, John Stigerwalt, Dustin Deininger, Matthew Thubborn, Britteny Morse, Jordan Gallagher, Allison Jenkins, Kyle Nulter, Paraprofessional Joette Conaboy,  Paraprofessional Judy Matticks, Alex Okoroji.