Students in Mrs. Lisa Temple’s art class at Riverside Junior Senior High School were moved by the Tracy’s Hope presentation given at the high school. They decided to raise money by creating ceramic collection boxes that were distributed in local businesses in Taylor and Moosic. These businesses include, Grande’s pizza, Citizen’s bank, Taylor Deli, Dino and Francescos Pizza, Johnny Rockets, Montage Mountain Resorts, PetValu, and Gourmet Slice. In less than a few months over the summer, we raised $243.31! The boxes are made in the shape of a hexagon decorated with the words Tracey’s Hope, paw prints, and other messages against animal abuse. We were recently honored with the award of “Outstanding Community Partnership” by the Interdependence Hexagon Project organization. It was very rewarding for all involved to see students get involved in making a positive change in the community in which they live through creativity and imagination.

As part of their senior project Ravyn Caputo and Hannah Miller distributed, monitored, and collected  ceramic hexagon shaped boxes.

Participating students pictured include:

From left to right- Hannah Milller, Kaylie Oustrich, Cindy Ammah, Louis Stefanelli, Kevin Connor, Daniel Kleeman, Morgan McGuire, Coby Sophamixay, Marren Pollack, Dylan Ward, Stephan Ladd, Frankie Bracey, Mathew Pendrak, Samuel Hartman, Noah Berkoski, Conor Aglialoro, Thomas Hufford, Lauren Amaral, Ms.Temples, Emily Donahue, Ravyn Caputo.

Not pictured: Alexis Ralston, Landy Burkland, Elizabeth Keegan,  Hunter Lloyd, Olivia Lange, Julia Antoniacci, and Ethan Burnside

Graduated Seniors: Nichole Diaz and Kayla Buckley