On Wednesday, April 16, the Riverside Vikings Read! Book Club Skyped with author Carly Anne West. Club members read Carly’s book The Murmurings and got to talk with her for 45 minutes about her inspiration for the book and about her writing style. They learned about the editing process and got to hear about scenes that didn’t make it to the final copy. After the Skype, students discussed the event during a catered lunch from Taylor Deli.

Kaitlyn Boroska, a 9th grade student at RHS, asked the author about writing a prequel centering on one of the characters. West was really excited about the idea and told her that she’s going to start working on it and see if it’s a possibility. She told Kaitlyn she’d put her name in the inscription if she ever completes it! Kaitlyn follows the author on Twitter.

Language Arts teacher Ms. Katie Gedrich is the moderator of the book club and arranged the event.