Riverside Junior-Senior High School Students, under the direction of art teachers  Mr. Denis A.Yanashot and Ms. Lisa Temples, participated in the Hexagon project. The Hexagon Project features visual art in all media by students, age 10 to 18, from around the world. Its purpose is to showcase the power and strength of youthful vision. Interlinking hexagons creatively demonstrate both understanding of interdependence and how art can lead to issues-based global activism

The Hexagon Project (an international exhibition) is now displayed in two locations in Scranton.  There will be an awards ceremony this Sunday at The Connell Gallery at 125 N. Washington Avenue in Scranton.

hexagon group

Pictured standing left to right

Keisha Buttaro

Nancy Ariza  Most realative to interdependence theme

Abbey Sweeney

Joe Pacholec

Emely Ortiz Most effective overall in the high school Relief Sculpture category

Jordyn Martz

Noah Munley   Boston Strong ceramic title included in the promotional posters and cards

Seated left to right

Amber Moore

Aaron Oustrich,

Anna Klinger  Most Creative Expression in the high school Relief Sculpture category

Liliana Ortega  Honorable mention

Absent from picture

Rio Hueg  Honorable mention 2-D individual Pieces