Live Nation Teams Up with Riverside High School Art Department for 2014 Recycling
Efforts at Toyota Pavilion

Students, faculty, and friends of the Riverside School District contributed their unwanted plastic and metal beverage caps to bring awareness of the importance of recycling. The caps were collected and brought to Ms. Temples’ art room where they were color sorted and glued to create beautiful designs. This eye catching art will certainly bring attention to the importance of recycling. The bins will be used all season long enhancing the Toyota Pavilion’s green effort. The following students contributed their time and talent: Elbia Grande, Brittny Paranich, Abigail Sweeney, Ashley Sabatell, Liliana Ortega, Cassie Semyon, Diana Alers, Joe McBride, Kelly Soberanes, Melinda Scotti, Madison Haduck, Mikaela Buntz, Alexa Auliso, Jereme Ortiz, Devion Rugar, Erin Walsh, Kasey Gandara & Lillian Kelly.
Lisa Temples-Maopolski is an Art teacher at Riverside High School whose students totally embraced the recycling mission on completing the recycling bin top project. Their creativity and innovation turned these ordinary bin tops into exceptional works of art. “There is nothing more rewarding than watching your students take an idea and artistically express themselves, while promoting a positive message.”
” I love to see art in unexpected places.”