Riverside Alive! 2015 Celebrating its 10th Year

On the evening of Wednesday May 20th from 6-8 P.M. Riverside Jr.-Sr. High School teachers will welcome the community to their 10th consecutive year of Riverside Alive!  Yes, Riverside Alive! 2015 marks a whole decade of teachers at Riverside Jr. – Sr. High School presenting to the community a sampling of activities performed in their classrooms.

Riverside Alive! informs parents and the public of the community as to the interesting, engaging, tasteful (in some cases literally), artful and fun educational processes that teach students about their world and how to be a successful and productive part of it.

Students of all disciplines in the school will be engaged in unique activities that demonstrate what and how they learn in the classrooms of their school.

Event Coordinator Denis A. Yanashot said, “I’m proud to be a part of the Riverside Jr. – Sr. High faculty that is striving to prepare our students in unique ways to face challenging situations in their futures and above all to be happy and at peace in the world in which they live.  This is the 10th year of our celebration of education that parents and the public can enjoy and witness the kinds of activities students engage in during their classroom experiences here at Riverside Jr. – Sr. High School.”

Viva Riverside Alive! in its annual celebration of education at Riverside Jr. – Sr. High School!  A decade long history of teachers and students working together to reveal to the community what they do in their classrooms every day!


L to R Committee Members: Heather Mahon-Donation Coordinator & German Teacher, Craig Reifler -Technology Teacher, Edward Flannery-Technology Teacher, Denis A. Yanashot-Event Coordinator & Art Teacher, Joseph Moceyunas-Principal and William Pabst-Mathematics Teacher.