On Saturday March 5th  Eleven  Old Forge Students Presented Projects at Wilkes University. Amanda Katchmar was 1 out of 4 to be awarded a research fellowship at Commonwealth Medical College this summer. Francesca Samony was 1 out of 5 to be awarded a research fellowship to Lacawac Sanctuary this summer.


Amanda Katchmar and Alexis Tayoun earned first award on their presentations and will be heading to state meeting in May.

Kole Barbetti, Iain Kerrigan, Ashley Katchmar, Francesca Samony and Scarlett Spader earned 2nd awards on their presentations.

Gianna Baresse, Emalee Shepard, Makayla Kresefski and Ashley Bound earned 3rd awards.


Bottom L to R: Ashley Bound, Emalee Shepard, Iain Kerrigan, Kole Barbetti, and Scarlett Spager.