Old Forge School District…………. Science and Math Club Students

Arianne Addesa and Nanette Rinaldi are club advisors.


They had a panel of women that currently work in nontraditional stem careers speak to the students about pursuing their dreams.

Dozens of middle and high school girls had the opportunity to learn from women who work in nontraditional careers.
The Technology Career Conference called “Girls on Fire” aims to encourage these students to pursue career paths they may not think are possible.


1st row: Maria Garcia, Megan Hopkins, Gianna Adomiak, Hannah Lisowski, Cassandra Nocera, Anna Kuckla, Abi Garcia

2nd row: Sophia Scalese, Skyy Peperno, Corshella Fisher, Sabrina Souriyavong, Hannah Grasso, Carolyn Aversa, Eliza DiStasi
3rd row: Sydney Adcock, Mila Racibor, Claire Breig, Emily Acevedo, Bella Nee, Arianne Addes (co-advisor), Emma Aversa, Corianne Holzman
4th row: Nanette Rinaldi (co-advisor) Jessica Musick, Aaliyah Aldubayan, Abygale Bergamino, Liz Stone, Alyssa Wilcox, Catrina Enderline, Lauryn Olivieri, Madison Evans