The 2020 PASC State Conference Chairs began their two year term on the PASC (Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils) Executive Board with a trip to Westmont Hilltop in Johnstown, PA last week. The three day meeting included a detailed overview by every committee for the 2019 conferences, elections for the PASC president-elect position, as well a committee reports, motions, and votes. Mountain View Sophomores Hannah Geron and Reagan White, 7th grader Penelope Ziegler and their council advisor Mrs. Andrea Aten were in attendance as Westmont Hilltop outlined the plans for the 2019 State Conference being held in Johnstown in November.


“It was eye opening to see students from every corner of Pennsylvania sitting on the PASC Executive Board. They were welcoming and encouraging to us as we begin our journey as state conference hosts,” Reagan shared. “Knowing that we have student and adult leaders from across the state ready to share their knowledge is unprecedented. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a more caring and outgoing group of people than those involved in PASC on local, regional and state levels.”


“It was a great experience,” Penny comment after the board meeting, “We see what Mountain View has to do over the next 18 months to make our state conference a success and we are excited to bring everything we learned back to the committee chairs who are ready for the challenges.”


“We left the executive board meeting excited for this opportunity,” Hannah added. “I am glad we were able to work closely with this year’s conference hosts Westmont Hilltop, the 2018 conference host Cedar Crest, and representatives from every region in PASC. They all shared insights, guidance, and support that will make our conference in 2020 stronger. We are ready to take this journey as state conference hosts and can’t wait to show student leaders from all over the state what Northeastern PA has in store.”

Picture Included DSC_0029: Left to Right: 2020 State Conference Chairs: Penelope Ziegler, Hannah Geron, Reagan White