Can I Be A Kid Again?

By: Hannah Geron

Can I be a kid again? Come find out at the Mountain View Elementary School gym on November 22nd and 23rd at 7pm. The show will be presented by the actors and actresses of grades 3, 4, 5 and 6. The play will be directed by Mr. Hagenbuch and music by Mr. Paterno. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students.

Auditioning was a great experience! We started rehearsing on October 7th on the stage in the gym. Mrs. Rood will be playing piano for the rehearsals and in the show. Everybody is working very hard and having lots of fun!

Can I Be A Kid Again is about kids that work and run a flamingo factory and are looking for a new worker. They mistake a girl that is just walking by for someone who is there for the job. It turns out that she doesn’t want to work there and she ends up teaching them a big lesson on not to spend all of the time working and relying on their latest technology, but to slow down, jump rope, play tag and to have fun…how to be a kid again!


From left to right: Emma Zipprich, Scott O’Dell, Emily Biesecker, Hunter Kozloski, Adia Tompkins