­­­MMI recognizes first semester ‘Best of the Best’ students

 (Freeland, PA – January 3, 2017) – Students in eighth, 10th and 12th grades delivered presentations as part of MMI Preparatory School’s annual “Best of the Best” program during an assembly held at the school. Sophomore Alyssa Sweda, the daughter of John and Jacqueline Sweda of Hazle Township, was the overall “Best of the Best” winner for the first semester for her presentation on Charleston, South Carolina.

The assembly program is designed to help MMI students improve and enhance their communication skills, which are important as they progress through high school, college, and beyond.

Additional “Best of the Best” presenters were senior Joshua Narrow, the son of Howard and Marie Narrow of Hazleton, for his presentation on Hamilton; sophomore Alexander Kline, the son of Dr. Gerard and Caterina Kline of Mountaintop, for his presentation on how to pack a suitcase; eighth grader Jacqueline Snyder, daughter of Dr. Christopher and Dr. Jill Snyder of Sugarloaf, for her presentation on superstitions; and eighth grader Louis DeAngelo, son of Grete Floryshak of Sugarloaf and Louis DeAngelo of Hazle Township, for his presentation entitled The Internet is Watching You.

MMI’s assembly program provides each student with the opportunity to explore varied subject areas not typically studied in the classroom. Students present a topic of interest to them such as art, music, geography, or culture before a larger audience than they would be exposed to in a daily classroom environment. Each student in grades 7 through 12 makes at least one appearance in an assembly program each school year. Students in grades eight, 10, and 12 make their presentations in the first semester of the school year, while students in grades seven, nine, and 11 complete their assemblies in the second semester.

The best student performances are presented to a joint assembly of both upper school and middle school students and rated outstanding by the MMI faculty to determine the “Best of the Best.”

CAPTION: Alyssa Sweda, pictured second row center, was named the overall “Best of the Best” winner for the first semester for her presentation on Charleston, South Carolina during MMI Preparatory School’s annual assembly program. Additional “Best of the Best” presenters were, first row, from left: Jacqueline Snyder and Louis DeAngelo. Second row: Joshua Narrow and Alexander Kline.

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