MMI families host exchange students from Mexico


(Freeland, PA – March 24, 2014) – Students from MMI Preparatory School recently hosted exchange students from Mexico, with students from both countries learning valuable cultural and educational lessons.

Five middle-school students from Francis Bacon School in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, stayed with families of MMI students and attended classes with their peers. They were accompanied on their trip by English teacher Angeles Guerrero Tobias. The Mexican students created PowerPoint presentations to introduce themselves and their home lives to MMI students and made their presentations to an assembly of MMI students.

While visiting with MMI families, the students had the opportunity to experience life in the United States to the fullest, including traveling to different cities and sampling food from various restaurants. In return, they taught their hosts about Spanish culture. The Mexican students spoke English during most of their trip, except during Spanish class, when they conversed with MMI students in Spanish.

MMI students and their families took a bus trip to New York City with the exchange students and spent a Saturday there. Host families also took the students to a variety of places.

Jesus Arias Sanchez, who stayed with the Snyder family, said, “When I was coming here, I thought the people would be intimidating, because they speak a different language. Once here, I felt very good, and I like to be with the people here and talk to them.” When he visited New York, he enjoyed going to the Rockefeller Center and Nintendo store, eating in an Italian restaurant and seeing the Broadway play Wicked.

Sandy McGeehan, whose family hosted Jessica Salgado Herrera, said, “Our experience hosting Jessica has been one we will never forget. She was a joy to be around, always showing a positive outlook. The greatest surprise was witnessing the little cultural differences in our everyday living. We learned from each other, laughed a lot and shared some American culture we hope will always remain in her heart.”

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Aprilaurie Whitley coordinated the program for its fourth year at MMI. “The exchange program is always a big hit with MMI students and their families, with all of us eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Mexican students. During the time the exchange students were here, the American and Mexican students alike improved their language skills while learning about another country’s culture and traditions and strengthening friendships.”

exchange students

CAPTION: Students from MMI Preparatory School recently hosted exchange students from Mexico. Students and hosts include, first row, from left: Jesus Arias Sanchez, Ana Paola Munoz Alatorre, Michelle Toledo Romero, Jessica Salgado Herrera and David Domenzain Rodriquez. Second row: Julia Snyder, Madeline Dryfoos, Angelica Alday, Kaitlyn McGeehan, Allison McGeehan and teacher Angeles Guerrero Tobias. Third row: Christopher Snyder, Llewellyn Dryfoos, Evan Dryfoos and Douglas Genetti.