Michael Kranyak captured first place in MMI Preparatory School’s sixth-grade science fair. Kranyak won for his project entitled “Are Permanent Markers Really Permanent?”

Danical Karlick was the runner-up for her project “Gel Polish vs. Traditional Polish” and Kendall Orozco finished third for her project “The Birthday Paradox.”   Winners were honored with certificates and one-of-a-kind medals created on MMI’s Glowforge Laser Cutter.  Several other students were recognized for their efforts. Willa Bartholomew (“Homemade Lipbalms: Testing Water Seals”), Alexander Composto (“The Effect of Temperature on Magnet Strength”), and Silvia Roberto (“Effectiveness of Household Cleaning Agents on Sponges”) all received Procedural Prodigy awards. Joshua Hoover (“Can Air Pressure Cause an Egg to be Pushed into a Bottle?”), Nicholas Pantages (“Which Bridge Can Hold More Weight?”), and Avery Pohida (“Oil Spills and Marine Life”) were given Budding Scientist Awards. Gracie Magula (“Iron in Cereal”) and Nanci Major (“The Power of pH; The Effects of pH on Fish Respiration Rates”) were recognized with Innovative Idea awards.

Twenty-four MMI students completed projects as a part of the annual science fair. Sixth-grade students learn about Life Sciences as part of MMI’s middle-school curriculum.