MMI honors ‘Best of the Best’


(Freeland, PA – May 12, 2014) – MMI recognized nine students in seventh, ninth and 11th grades as “Best of the Best” during an assembly held recently.

The purpose of the MMI assembly program is to provide each student with the opportunity to explore varied subject areas not typically studied in the classroom. Students present a topic of interest to them such as art, music, geography or culture before a larger audience than they would be exposed to in a daily classroom environment. Each MMI student in grades 7 through 12 makes at least one appearance in an assembly program each school year. Students in eighth, 10th and 12th grades completed their projects in the fall.

MMI Head of School Thomas G. Hood said, “The assembly program promotes communication skills, which are so important in every career today. Most colleges recognize this and require the development of this skill in their curriculum. MMI students are better prepared for what is expected of them in college by completing the assembly program and enhancing their oral communication skills.”

The “Best of the Best” presentations are done to a joint assembly of both upper school and middle school students to determine the overall “Best of the Best” winner. For the second semester, seven students were selected as finalists as rated by the MMI faculty during their regular presentations.

First place for the “Best of the Best” was awarded to seventh-grader Frederick Mejia, son of Carlos and Esperanza Mejia, Hazleton, for his presentation, “Coca Cola.”

Additional finalists were junior Annika Fisk, daughter of Douglas Fisk, Conyngham, and Sandra Fisk, Conyngham, for her presentation, “Remember the Titans”; junior Emily Seratch, daughter of Frank and Sarah Seratch, Hazleton, for her presentation, “Lying”; junior Claire Sheen, daughter of Kwangsup and Chaeyun Sheen, Mountaintop, for her presentation, “Marie Colvin”; freshman Olivia Minzola, daughter of Joseph and Debra Minzola, Drums, for her presentation, “Amelia Earhart”; freshman Daniel Tron, son of Eduardo Tron and Graciela Biano, Mountaintop, for his presentation, “The Hashtag in Society”; freshman Nick Young, son of Christian and Nicole Young, Freeland, for his presentation, “Wilt Chamberlain”; seventh-grader Alyssa Sweda, daughter of John and Jacqueline Sweda, Hazle Township, for her presentation, “Fur Elise”; and seventh-grader Allison Hohn, daughter of Darren and Karin Hohn, Mountaintop, for her presentation, “The Barnes Foundation.”