Members of the West Scranton High School Class of 1970 recently donated $2,100.00 to the West Scranton High School P.R.I.D.E. team. The Class of ’70 Fundraising Committee raised a total of $1,600.00 to donate to the school, and an additional donation of $500.00 was also made by Mrs. Marlene McColligan Muklewicz in honor of her deceased brother Jack McColligan, a veteran and an alumnus of West Scranton.

The West Scranton Class of 1970 has been a tremendous supporter of West Scranton High School. Their recent donation will benefit the needs of the entire WSHS student body through the efforts of the school’s P.R.I.D.E. team.

West Scranton’s School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Program was developed in 2012. It focuses on qualities outlined in the acronym “P.R.I.D.E.”, recognizing students who are prepared, respectful, involved, dedicated, and extraordinary representatives of the West Scranton High School community.

Class of 1970 Donation 3 (L to R):
Seated – Isiah McCloe, Destiny Jefferson, and Mr. Frank Wahl


Class of 1970 Donation 1

Standing – Mr. Robert DeLuca, Jean Murray Schuster, Marlene McColligan Muklewicz, Ms. Jennifer Herman, Carol Wheeler Thomas,Ann Marie Derchak, and Ms. Johanna Chorba

Absent from photo – Additional members of the Class of 1970 Fundraising Committee: Chris Kwiatek Mensky and Debbie Camp Jennings.

Photo 2: Mr. Rob DeLuca accepts the donation from Mrs. Marlene Muklewicz in honor of brother Jack McColligan.