Members of the Lackawanna Trail Fifth grade class participated in a Career Fair held at the Elementary Center on Monday May 4.
The Fair was organized by Elementary Guidance Counselor Leanne Lombardi and High School Guidance Counselors, Brittany Vennero and Tim Ronchi.
 Presentors for the Lackawanna Trail Elementary Career Fair were; front, from left, Betsy Butler (Physical Education Teacher), Rose Mary Falchek (Food Scientist/Service), Michelle Zajac (Veterinarian) , Tracy Krauss (Hair Stylist/Business Owner), Candice Pagnotti (Physical Therapy), Laura Evans (Nurse) and Krissy Dougherty (Chemistry-Cosmetic Industry) ; back, Ned Clark (Railroad Industry), Marc Tobin (Illustrator), Dr. Anthony Quinn (Orthodontics), Matt Naylor (Pilot), Michael DelPrete (Pharmacy), Victor Rosa (PA Game Commission) and Tim McNamara (Finance). Nick Newhart (Construction) absent from photo.
_MG_1000 (2)
Left to right: Cora Rivera, Keith-Patrick Oulton, Steven Richmond, Robbie Schneider, Xander Ball, Cole Wohlken and Matt Schirg
Presenter Construction Nick Newhart
_MG_1005 (2)
From left, Mauri Castellano, Samantha Thomas, Kayla Seignious, Mason Zajac, Lillian Hinkley, Katie Peterson and Abby Fahey 
Presenter Dr. Michelle Zajac, Veterarian
_MG_1007 (2)
Left to right, Emily Chermak, Faith Dewey, Brycen Decker, Kody Cresswell, Owen Lisk and Cole Choplosky
Presenter Victor Rosa, Pa Game Commission
_MG_1015 (2)
Left to right Adrian Heffley, Cole Choplosky, Kayla Seignious and Lane Prutzman 
Presenter Michael DelPrete, Pharmacy
 _MG_1018 (2)
Left to right Kayleigh Beichler, Keith Dixon, Tyler Rozanski, Josh Oliver, Kevin VanLuvanee, Landon Sprowls and hidden behind another student: Connor Shirk Presenter Illustrator Marc Tobin