Marywood University’s School Leadership Academy to host Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement Workshop


SCRANTON, PA (March 2, 2017)—Marywood University’s School Leadership Academy will feature Mark A. Wade, Ph.D., principal of Pocono Mountain West High School, who will deliver a workshop on Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement on Tuesday, March 28, 2017, at 5:30 p.m., on the third floor of the Learning Commons, Room 331-337, on the University’s campus. The event will include a meet-and-greet session, workshop, panel discussion, Q&A, and light refreshments. The workshop is free and open to the public, and school leaders and teachers are encouraged to attend.


A panel discussion will follow the workshop and will feature: Tracy Krum, M.S., curriculum coordinator at Central Columbia School District, Bloomsburg, Pa.; Andrew Snyder, M.S., principal in the Abington Heights School District; and Robert Butka, M.S., principal in the Scranton School District.


Although research is increasingly showing that there is more to academic achievement than meeting cognitive standards, there is still little agreement on how to resolve this issue. Therefore, it has become increasingly important for a more holistic approach in educating today’s youth in addressing the emotional, behavioral, and diverse needs that are currently rife in schools. This presentation will focus on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and other non-cognitive aspects such as student discipline, gender, and socio-economic status as predictors of academic achievement. These known factors may assist school administrators and teachers in deciding whether to include EI as part of the general curriculum and to teach classes that aim to build the emotional skills of students.


Dr. Mark A. Wade has worked as a supervisor for special education for three years, and is currently serving in his second year as Principal at Pocono Mountain West High School. He began his career in education in 1994 as a teacher, providing instruction in general science and technology to incarcerated adolescents at Riker’s Island Academy. He has served as an assistant principal for four years in the New York City Public Schools system, and five years in the Pocono Mountain School District. He holds a doctoral degree in human development from Marywood University, Scranton, Pa.; he earned his master’s degree in instructional technology from New York Institute of Technology, N.Y.; and earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and business from the University at Stony Brook, N.Y.


Marywood University’s School Leadership Program is designed to help develop the administrative and interpersonal skills needed for future leaders in education. Courses and other learning experiences are deeply grounded in the principles of public and non-public school thought and practice.


For additional information about the Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement Workshop, please contact Joseph Polizzi, Ph.D., associate professor of education and education leadership at Marywood University, at (570) 348-6211, ext. 2497, or email For additional information about Marywood University’s School Leadership program, please visit, call (570) 348-6289, or email