Marywood University’s Campus Ministry department will host its annual Labyrinth Walk in the Rotunda, at the Liberal Arts Center, on the University’s campus. The labyrinth is a replica of the famous Chartres Cathedral labyrinth inlaid in the stone floor of the Cathedral. This event is free, open to the public, and will be in place from Tuesday, February 19, through Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

Walking the labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tradition that is being rediscovered. In the Middle Ages, labyrinth walks were used in cathedrals as a symbolic pilgrimage for those unable to travel to holy places. In our modern-day context, the labyrinth is a spiritual tool for meditation, helping us to look within for the answers we need. Unlike a maze, which offers choices of paths with many entrances, dead ends, and exits, a labyrinth has only one path that leads into the center and back out. The path of the labyrinth serves as a metaphor for one’s spiritual journey, which we walk individually and in harmony with each other.

For additional information, please contact Marywood University’s campus ministry department, at (570) 961-4723, or email