Marywood University to Celebrate Women’s History Month

SCRANTON, PA (March 8, 2016)-Marywood University continues to commemorate its 100th anniversary by partnering with Benco Dental to celebrate the University and Women’s History Month. ¬†Founded in 1915, Marywood was the first college for women in Northeastern Pennsylvania and the first Catholic college for women in the state. That makes this March, which is Women’s History Month, a particularly special time. To educate and bring awareness of the triumphs of women throughout history and to learn from their struggles, both Marywood and Benco Dental will collaborate on a campus event that represents historical women figures.

Benco Dental will provide a guest performance by Jennifer Ochman, dental museum curator and database publishing production specialist, who will bring to life Dr. Lucy Hobbs (Taylor), the first woman dentist, who practiced dentistry from 1866-1910. The guest performance will take place on the first floor of the Learning Commons, on Wednesday, March 16, and Thursday, March 17, 2016, from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Benco Dental will have giveaways and an opportunity for the community to win an electric toothbrush.

The following event, which is free and open to the public, is planned for Women’s History Month at Marywood University:

  • Women’s History is Alive! at Marywood, on Wednesday, March 16, and Thursday, March 17, 2016. Women’s History is Alive! Highlights the accomplishments and presence of women in world history by bringing the women back to life on campus. Students, staff, and the community are invited to dress as historical women figures. The event is spread across the campus and for two days to create numerous casual encounters for students and others on campus.

Samantha Christiansen, Ph.D., assistant professor of history and director of the Women’s Studies program at Marywood University, has organized the event and invites members of the community to visit and take part in it. Dr. Christiansen said, “The event is public, and I hope to provide some avenue for our entire community to celebrate Women’s History Month together. This University is a living celebration of Women’s History-it was a huge accomplishment for the IHM sisters to build and establish Marywood 100 years ago, and the University has continued to grow and expand, thanks to the vision and continued hard work of the women of the IHM, as well as the countless men and women who saw the importance of education and social justice.”

For additional information on Women’s History Month celebrations at Marywood University, please email Dr. Christiansen,, or call the social sciences department at Marywood University, at (570) 348-6288. For additional information about Benco Dental, or The Lucy Hobbs Project, please, or visit