Marywood University junior business management student, Taylor Troiani, Jessup, Pa., recently had the opportunity to experience the X-Culture Global Symposium in Calgary, Canada. Her journey with X-Culture began in the spring semester of her sophomore year at Marywood University, when her professor, Christopher Speicher, Ph.D. associate professor in the School of Business and Global Innovation, introduced the program as part of the curriculum in his International Management course. X-Culture is a program that allows business students from all over the world to connect, collaborate, and understand working with other cultures. Based on her excellent initial performance in the spring program, Taylor was invited to apply to the Symposium program.

Out of more than 4,000 global applicants, 150 participants were selected, and Ms. Troiani was one of those select individuals. She was placed on a team with three other participants, Ann Werneck, Brazil; Alex Bridges, Florida; and Atika Winardono, Netherlands. Together, they developed a project to present to the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation. The team collaborated to design four different fixtures to implement, including a courtyard, cultural center, outdoor kitchen, and a combined hotel-apartment complex. Taylor’s team truly excelled during the competition, as the vice president of the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation was quite impressed with the team’s ideas and presentation.

Ms. Troiani said, “Marywood University has provided me with so many opportunities to learn and grow. X-Culture was certainly the opportunity of a lifetime—learning how to work toward a solution for a real business, meeting new amazing people with a passion for learning, and understanding different cultures by collaborating with students from all over the globe. I am incredibly thankful for my education and all of the wonderful experiences that have helped shape me here at Marywood.”

During the conference, participants were able to attend lectures and panels, which gave Ms. Troiani a further appreciation of the business world. One of the most impactful quotes she heard during the conference was from professor Tim Muth, instructor of International Business at the Florida Tech Nathan M. Bisk College of Business. Mr. Muth said, “The expectation of participants involves three rules: show up, give 100 percent, and have a positive impact.” Ms. Troiani said she will carry these lessons with her throughout her career, because of the level of impact that the experience had on her.

Dr. Christopher Speicher serves as a faculty advisor for Marywood students. Dr. Speicher said, “The X-Culture Program is the best way for students to participate in international business in a real-life experimental program with real world companies and outcomes. In addition, the experience in this program has afforded students great internships and fabulous job opportunities.”

Since Marywood University students began participating in the X-Culture Challenge, five of its students have been selected to the top one percent of all students worldwide.

In addition to participating in the X-Culture Challenge, Ms. Troiani is a commuter representative for the Student Government Association and is a member of the Accounting and Finance Club. She also volunteers at the Jessup Hose Company, No. 2. Her future plans include exploring career options in either Human Resources or Business Development.

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