Marywood University International Graduate Students to Present Work at Global Student Conference

Marywood University international graduate students, Ajay Vaidya, Scranton, Pa.; and Noha Saleh Almunsed, Scranton, Pa., both in the management information systems program, will present their poster presentations at the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC) Global Student Conference on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

The LVAIC Global Student Conference provides international students with the opportunity to present their work and have meaningful conversations with faculty, staff, and other students. The conversation empowers participants to have a wider lens through which they can see the world; the international students will present their view of the world and learn how other people see the world. Through these conversations, participants can be heard and can begin creating relationships with many different people with various viewpoints. The conference also offers the opportunity for students to explore the campuses in the Lehigh Valley and to get to know their community.

The management information systems program at Marywood University provides students with maximum flexibility in the design of their information systems degree. Beyond the MIS core requirements, students have the opportunity to select any four courses within the MIS concentration area and three additional electives. These electives may be advanced work within the MIS concentration, or they may be courses that complement it.

For additional information about Marywood University’s management information systems program, please visit the School of Business and Global Innovation at Marywood, at, or call (570) 348-6274.