Hannarae Lee, Ph.D., assistant professor in the social science department and director of the criminal justice program at Marywood University, recently co-authored a research article in ScienceDirect titled, “Social-ecological correlates of cyberbullying victimization and perpetration among African American youth: Negative binomial and zero-inflated negative binomial analyses.” Additionally, Dr. Lee is an associate editor of an article in the International Journal of Cybersecurity Intelligence & Cybercrime titled (IJCIC), “Awareness and Perception of Cybercrimes and Cybercriminals.”

Dr. Lee earned her doctorate degree in criminal justice from the Indiana University–Bloomington. She teaches courses in the areas of criminology, criminal justice, and statistics. Her research focuses on corporate sentencing, corporate cyber-security, mail and wire fraud, interpersonal cybercrime, and social media data mining. She is a dedicated researcher as well as an instructor, who has taught various classes in criminology and criminal justice.

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