Marywood University Continues to Celebrate its Centennial with the planting of 100 Trees for Earth Day


SCRANTON, PA (April 14, 2016) – Marywood University continues to celebrate its Centennial and to advance its commitment to environmental stewardship by conducting the planting of 100 trees in conjunction with Earth Day. Over the course of three days, Friday, April 22, Saturday, April 22, and Sunday, April 24, 2016, Pugwash, Marywood’s environmental club, along with other volunteers throughout campus and the community, will plant the trees in various locations on the University’s campus.


The trees were secured through fundraising projects conducted by students, donations from organizations, and individuals in the community. Pugwash aims to educate the community and its students by providing information as to best practices for planting the trees and maintenance following their establishment.


Earth Day 2016: Trees for the Earth aims to plant 7.8 billion trees throughout the world for the Earth. In its 46th year, Earth Day is a movement that gives a voice to an emerging consciousness, which channels human energy toward environmental issues.


Marywood University’s environmental club, Pugwash, is dedicated to promoting advocacy for and awareness of environmental issues. Goals include educating other students, faculty, and the community about environmental awareness on and off campus, by encouraging environmentally friendly use of natural resources, and to be an organization through which students can sustainably enjoy nature by taking nature hikes and working closely with Marywood University Arboretum Committee.


For additional information on Marywood University’s 100 Tree Planting event for Earth Day, please contact Robin P. Ertl, Ph.D., assistant professor in the science department, at (570) 348-6211, ext. 4548, or For information about Marywood University’s Arboretum, please visit