Marywood University’s President Receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the Kurdish-International Youth Organization


SCRANTON, Pa—Sister Anne Munley, IHM, Ph.D., president of Marywood University, recently received a certificate of appreciation from the Kurdish-International Youth Organization’s foreign relations chief and Marywood University graduate student, Hemn Mamrash.  The certificate was given in appreciation of Sister Anne’s support of the recent Kurdistan Holocaust presentation at the university.


The presentation’s aim was to educate and bring awareness to the Kurdish Holocaust, in which almost 200,000 elderly men and women, along with children, were murdered by the use of poisonous gas, as well as being buried alive.


In receiving the certificate, Sister Anne said, “Relationships help us grow. The Kurdish Holocaust presentation is a model for global education, an example of moral learning.”


The certificate, which is signed by Aram Ahmad Mohamed, minister of martyrs and anfal affairs for the Kurdistan Regional Government, states that the certificate is to express thanks to Sister Anne and Marywood University for efforts in order to achieve recognition for Kurdish Genocide internationally, which will contribute to deterring more genocides and to work on victims’ rights in Kurdistan and other parts of the world.


photo – left to right

Sister Anne Munley, IHM, Ph.D., president of Marywood University, Hemn Mamrash, foreign relations chief for the Kurdish-International Youth Organization.