Marywood University recently announced its intent to purchase the Holy Family Residence adjacent to its campus, today revealed facility’s new name.


In a communication to the campus community and to current residents and staff, Sister Mary Persico, IHM, Ed.D., Marywood University President, announced that the facility will be renamed Marywood Heights. Consistent with the growing trend at universities around the country, the facility is a university-based retirement community (UBRC). Although there are now several in Pennsylvania, Marywood is the first university in Northeast Pennsylvania to establish a UBRC.


“A stipulation in the acquisition agreement with the Little Sisters of the Poor required a name change for the facility,” said Sister Mary Persico. “Using input gathered from the University community, we wanted to select a name that would reflect who we are, while embracing a vision for the future. Since it will be a dynamic part of our campus, we chose Marywood Heights. We envision many opportunities for future growth, along with vibrant community involvement.”


She added, “A UBRC is a very forward-looking model that provides distinctive benefits. This will be a thriving intergenerational community in which university students receive real-life experience at the facility and residents are connected to our campus life and mission.”


Sister Mary said that Marywood students would be able to use the space free of charge for their clinical rotations and internships. Additionally, those who reside at Marywood Heights can participate in life at Marywood, such as musical events, art exhibits, use of the Learning Commons, and more.


Marywood University entered into an asset purchase agreement with the Little Sisters of the Poor to buy the property at the end of March 2019. It is a prime location directly adjacent to Marywood’s campus on Adams Avenue, including the facility and 10 acres of land. Known as the Maloney Home before becoming Holy Family Residence in 1976, the property was granted to the Little Sisters more than 100 years ago, preceding Marywood’s founding in 1915.


Marywood has selected The Liberty Group as the full-time facility operator for Marywood Heights, which will remain a Catholic facility. This aspect was important to the current residents and staff, to the Little Sisters, and to the Marywood community. Sister Mary noted that retaining the facility’s Catholic identity also fulfills a broader need in the region for a faith-based care and living community.


There is room on the property for the operator to expand the facilities to include independent care, personal care, assisted living, skilled care, memory care, and hospice care, providing even more options for residents as well as clinical training and service opportunities for students from multiple disciplines.