Members of the Lackawanna Trail School District Board of Education were honored at their last board meeting on January 12.Students from the Elementary Center and High School Student Council were on hand to thank the board members for all their hard work and diligence for everything they do for the students and the district. Books were  donated to the elementary and high school libraries in honor of the board members.
Front: Jake Ryan, second row: Gavin Waibel, Jayde Waibel, Emmy Jones and Brayden Clarke; Third row: Brady Ryan and Morgan Faist; fourth row; Marleah Filan, Carol Selwood, Dr. Michael Mould, Ned Clarke, and Marissa Passaniti; back; Amanda Kinback, Philip Stark, Adrian Bianchi, David Thorne, Kevin Mulhern, Joseph Strauch and Jacob Furneaux. Dr. Mark Lombardi absent from photo.