Members of the Lackawanna Trail Lions Boys Volleyball Team are: front, from left,  Aidan Holmes, Neil Harvey, Nick Miller and Phil Mattes; middle, Collin Walsh, Dylan Simon, Ryan Dill, Brian Mitteer, John Kwiatkowski, Brad Lochen, Josh Brown, Phil Sawicki and Keith Traver; back, Manager Maddie Lengel, Joseph Howard, Matthew Huertas, Wyatt Cooper, Devin Walsh, Richard Pollock, Daniel Richards, David Brown and Manager Kelsey Hopkins.



Joseph Howard

Joseph Howard (2)


Matthew Huertas

Matthew Huertas (2)


Wyatt Cooper

Wyatt Cooper (2)


Devin Walsh

Devin Walsh (2)


Richard Pollock

Ricahrd Pollock (2)


Daniel Richards

Daniel Richards (2)


David Brown

David Brown (2)