Lackawanna Trail High School Assistant Principal Dr. Mark Murphy announced the Student of Month and Power of the Paws candidates for the first semester.  Students receiving nominations for Students of the Month were nominated by the faculty for their academic effort, citizenship and school service. Students receiving nominations for Power of the Paws were nominated by the faculty for their school pride, achievement and work effort.
LT Students of the Month
Students named were: front, from left, Nathaniel Barbolish, Novella Wilhelm and Jericho Hendershot.
Middle: Alyssa Sohns, Wynn Phillips, Jessica Zajac, Allison Decker, Mackenzie Semken, Madison Lee, Katie Seigle, Alyvia Cobb and Michael Figueroa;
Back; Jordan Flynn, Courtney Carpenter, Samantha Baltrusaitis, Lindsay Bergey, Shannon Jones, Victoria Hegedty, Grace Wetzel, Cassandra Brown and Amanda Kinback. Absent from photo, Lauren Maleski, Katie Grega and Kyle Bushta.