Students from Holy Redeemer High School earned a variety of awards at the 54th Regional Meeting of the PA Junior Academy of Science, receiving recognition in fields from biology to zoology.

A total of 23 students won first place awards, making them eligible to participate in the state competition in May at Penn State University, where 3000 students from 13 regions will compete. The regional meet was held at Wilkes University.

PJAS competitions are designed to stimulate and promote interest in science and math through research development and are open to students in grades 7-12.

Abigail Truschel and Thea Seasock  were awarded$10,000 scholarships to King’s College, and Michael Gatusky and Arvind Murali won the Advisory Board Award, which includes a cash prize. Both also won the Senior High Excellence Award and first place and perfect scores in their category.

Perseverance Awards were earned by Michael Gatusky, Arvind Murali and Thea Seasock for six years of PJAS participation, while Catlin Croke earned an award for five years, and Abigail Truschel for four years.

Students who received a first place in mathematics were Jenna Jachimiak, Anthony Khoudary, Anthony Molitoris, Monica Morrison, Maria Pino, Catherine Rose, Shelby Smith, Abigail Truschel, and Madison White.

Collin Halagarda received a first place in physics, Lindsey Hoover won a first place in ecology, and Alyssa Christian, Alexis Davison, Brianna Phillips and Sarah Thomas won first place awards in chemistry. In addition, Paul Jason, Michael Gatusky and Madison Guido won first place in behavioral psychology, while Christopher Kocon and Mackenzie Savner won first place awards in biology. Angela Malinovitch, Arvind Murali, and Thea Seasock merited first place awards in microbiology.

Student who received a second place in mathematics were Nicolas Brown and Collin Gatrone. Dana Belsky earned a second place in physics, Cameron Brennan won a second place in ecology, Alex Abad won second in chemistry, Julia Randazzo won a second in behavioral psychology, John Morris was second in computer science, Jocelyn Rogers was second in zoology, and John Seasock won a third place in botany.

Faculty sponsors who guided students during their research were Mary Humiston, Linda Rakauskas, Steven Wise, Joseph Suhocki, Rosemary McCloskey, and Kelly Pacelli.

Shown are Holy Redeemer’s PJAS participants, first row, from left: Sarah Thomas, Mountaintop; Thea Seasock, Kingston; Alexis Davison, Dallas; Abigail Truschel, Mountaintop; Maria Pino, Dallas; Shelby Smith, Dallas; Jenna Jachimiak, Wilkes-Barre.

Second row: Julia Randazzo, Dallas; Catherine Rose, Hunlock Creek; Madison Guido, Shavertown; Lindsey Hoover, Shavertown; Alyssa Christian., Wilkes-Barre; Monica Morrison, Dallas; Madison White, Bear Creek Twp.; Brianna Phillips, Nuangola.

Third row: Dana Belsky, Wilkes-Barre; Cameron Brennan, Harvey’s Lake; Nicholas Brown, Swoyersville; Collin Halagarde, Avoca; Arvind Murali, Kingston; Collin Gatrone, Plymouth; Alex Abad, Mountaintop.

Fourth row: Mr. Wise; Mrs. McCloskey; Christopher Kocon, Mountaintop; John Morris, Swoyersville; Paul Jason, Wilkes-Barre; Anthony Khoudary, Dallas; Anthony Molitoris, Hanover Twp.; Michael Gatusky, Dallas; Angela Malinovitch, Hanover Twp.; Jocelyn Rogers, Hanover Twp.; Mrs. Rakauskas. Absent: Mackenzie Savner and John Seasock.

Holy Redeemer High School, the largest high school sponsored by the Diocese of Scranton, is located in Wilkes-Barre on South Pennsylvania Blvd. Mrs. Anita Sirak is principal.