Good Shepherd Academy students participated in National History Day’s regional competicion held at Misericordia University.  Kurtis Nordmark developed a 3-D exhibit depicting and explaining the significance of the Battle of Little Round Top in Gettysburg.  Mackenzi Jennings’ exhibit concerned the Nuremburg Trials, where criminals committing crimes against humanity during WWII were finally brought to Justice.  Mackenzie’s research included her correspondence with the United States Supreme Court.  Maddie Lewis competed with an individual performance which brought to light the trials and acoomplishments of Hannah Penn, Pennsylvania’s first female proprietor.  Maddie will be moving on to the State Competition held at Millersville University.

Shown in the photo: Teacher Advisor, Mr. David Sandrowicz; Students, Kurtis Nordmark, Maddie Lewis and Mackenzie Jennings; Advisor, Mrs. Doris Brady

GSA Principal is Mr. James A. Jones and Vice Principal is Mr. Stan Pavlick.