Good Shepherd Academy students participated in the 20th Annual Young
Scholars Program held each year on the first Saturday of November.
Scranton Prep sponsored this competition of twenty-one schools wherein
teams strive to answer a series of questions on a wide variety of topics.

The GSA team, consisting of eighth grade students Jack Gallis and Olivia
Wagner and seventh grade students Amelia Anderson and Michael Strunk,
successfully completed the first two rounds and moved on to the third round
where the nine top schools competed.  The Good Shepherd Academy team
experienced an exciting third round which ended with the need for a
tie-breaker.  The result was a fourth place finish overall.

Mr. Jim Jones is the principal of Good Shepherd Academy and Mr. Stan
Pavlick is the vice-principal.  Moderators of the Academic Bowl team are
Miss Janice Ambrulavage and Mrs. Joyce Elston.