Good Shepherd Academy students competed in the March Madness Reading Competition throughout the month of March! Classes competed with each other by reading as many pages as they could during March Madness. The Middle States Steering Committee organized the event. Mr James A. Jones is the principal and Mr. Stan Pavlick is the Vice Principal. ¬†Placing at the top of the bracket was Mrs. Loftus’ Fourth Grade class.¬†

Pictured from right to left from to back rows are:

Abbigail Schultz, Peter Baxter, Katie Magda, Jordan Stochla

Joshua Mayerski, Mia Remsky, Sara Skoronski, Meghan  Moleski, Adrianna Reilly, Christina Kurlanski, Hunter Griffith

Kimberly Clocker, William Wasiakowski, Peter Khoudary, Matthew Spiccioli, Gary Soboleski, Anthony Giovinazzo, Matthew Williams, Matthew Albrecht, Xavier Evans

Matthew Carty, Jake Pizzolato, Krista Biago, Mrs. Nona Loftus